Coronavirus – COVID19

Following the recent Prime Ministerial announcement, we have considered, and for the moment we are continuing to offer online consults only. This applies to follow-up and new bookings.  We are also accepting self-referrals (we usually request a GP one) owing to GP pressures.

We will monitor progress over the next month and update in light of developments.  This is at least in part because Dr Fry is himself in a high-risk group and must consider this alongside everything else. 

In addition, at this time of heightened anxiety and straitened circumstances, Dr Fry is personally offering a preliminary (ten minutes) phone conversation to assess with you whether he may be able to help with your particular concerns.  These can be arranged via our usual channels (email or phone).

Please bear in mind the advice here:

If you have any concerns or difficulties about this arrangement please contact us to discuss on

This policy will be reviewed daily in light of developments.

Monday 11th May 2020