How much does it cost?





Initial Assessment up to 90 minutes                                                          £1500.00

Over 90 mins appointment may incur additional costs – see below

Full report will include Treatment Plan

(A full Autism Diagnosis may require an ADOS-2 Assessment

at an extra cost of approx. £500 from an Associate)

Extremely Complex Cases will be charged on an individual basis                 TBC


Metabolic Testing

These are bespoke packages and charges do vary.  However typically in ASD/ADHD assessments we will look at Hair, Urine, Genes Nervous System and Adrenal Test (see page 2 for further information).  Typically, this may cost a further £800-£1000.

First follow up appointment to include results interpretation            £600

and Supplement Protocol Creation (up to 60 mins)      

Over 60 mins appointment may incur additional costs – see below

Subsequent follow up appointments (up to 60 mins)                            £350

Over 60 mins appointment may incur additional costs – see below

(major readjustment of supplement protocol may incur additional costs)                 £500


Private Prescription Administration Fees                                                £40

To Whom It May Concern Letters (from £75)                                          TBC


Please note I do not work to timed sessions – however if the initial assessment lasts more than ninety minutes or a follow up longer than sixty minutes you may be subject to additional charges. Sometimes an assessment may take longer than one session.

Please note that arrangements for those using insurance companies may differ depending on policy coverage.

Appointments require an advance deposit to secure a slot.  The final rate chargeable will, however, depend on the above rates and complexity. 

Additional admin support (see “Fee Structures” – charged in 30-minute increments): £60 per hour.

Cancellations within three working days of the appointment times will be charged at the full rate.  Cancellations should be made by phone and email.

TERMS: Are upon conclusion of session or within 7 days of date of invoice in any event. Interest will be added thereafter at prevailing rates.  This will not be payable by insurance companies, but by the client. 


Following changes in the insurance market in the UK we no longer work with the major insurance companies apart from WPA and even that is under review. We regret that we can no longer offer this service but the economic climate has changed markedly in the last few years and the companies have made swingeing cuts to funding.