How much does it cost?

A typical assessment with Dr Fry costs £260 per hour for the initial consultation and report linking back to referrers and network. Initial assessments usually last about 1.5 hours and cost in the region of £450 including a full letter/report back to the referrer copied to you. ADHD/Asperger’s Syndrome assessment packages can be offered and cost approximately £725.  Autism assessments are tailor made but start from £800. Follow up sessions of up to an hour cost £260, and pro-rata thereafter. Please note that our fees for consultations in our London offices are higher – an initial 1.5 hour consultation is £600 and follow-up appointments are £350.  We are accredited with all the major insurers.  Rates for Associates start at £90 per hour.  For full details please contact us.

Insurance: We are accredited with all the major insurers, however recently BUPA have changed their recognition status and systems somewhat, a problem also experienced by other senior clinicians. This is because most medical appointments last thirty minutes and a single (or double length) initial psychiatric assessment may not fit in with their fee structure – you should carefully check with BUPA what their position is.  In addition, as Dr Fry works in an integrative way, he quite often recommends specific metabolically-focused testing.  As yet, the insurance companies are not reliably covering the costs of such testing so if, together, it is agreed to pursue this route, you may well need to self-fund.

September 2016 Update: BUPA have informed us they will no longer even consider funding this kind of testing because “psychiatrists are not doing it.”  This one is, and continues to do so, where appropriate.  When asked if they would fund a thyroid test for a psychiatric screen they said “yes.”  When asked if they would fund testing if there was clear malabsorption from IBD or IBS – they said “this was not a psychiatric issue.”  So your thyroid can affect your mental health but your gut cannot – apparently.  Clever thing the body to compartmentalise so well!

Dr Fry and Associates will not share your data with any other parties except with your express permission. This applies to all data collected including that concerning payments, credit cards and similar information.