How much does it cost?

Initial integrative assessments usually last about 1.5 hours and start from £950 including the full letter/report back to the referrer, copied to you.  Autism assessments are tailor-made but start from £1300. Follow up sessions of up to an hour cost £350.

An initial deposit of £500 for all new patients will be required to confirm your appointment.

A 1st follow up appointment after initial consultation that includes a protocol will be charged at £500.

Any face-to- face consultations (if these resume) are charged at higher rates in London owing to room rates.


We are accredited with most of the major insurers, but no longer with AXA and BUPA.  This is sad and Dr Fry tried hard to make these relationships work but ultimately had to move on.

AXA 2018/19: Dr Fry pursued a conversation with AXA-PPP over nearly two years in relation to the metabolic approach and associated testing, supplying considerable published evidence to support such an approach.  This appeared to be ongoing until November 2018 when AXA-PPP announced, unilaterally and without further discussion, that they would no longer fund any consultations with him.  They said this was because they were paying him to be a psychiatrist not a psychiatrist/physician and patients kept phoning and asking for testing to be covered “which put them in a difficult position.”  Dr Fry offered to stop asking for such testing saying he would achieve his ends via other means and adopt a more conventional psychiatric approach with their clients – this, too, was declined and “a commercial decision” was cited.  The systems and decision-making processes for reaching this position are unavailable for inspection or audit.  If you request a consult with me, you will be told I am not registered with them any longer and they will refuse to tell you why.

BUPA 2021: BUPA were always unique in the field in that they set very low limits on reimbursement compared with other companies and had a very fixed idea of what psychiatric practice should encompass and deliver under their schemes.  Again, they declined to cover testing that was not mainstream.  A combination of that, and more latterly their insistence on managing assessment arrangements that broke up and fragmented the process led to difficulties.  Dr Fry tries to take things in one large front-end assessment where possible for efficiency (less time from work and school) and safety.  He felt that BUPA were jeopardising this process and tried several ways to reach agreements on alternatives but without success.  As a result as of March 2022 he will no longer be accredited with BUPA.

He regrets this situation as his approach is not widely available and, in his view, is needed.  To not work with two major insurers reduces availability of service to those with these providers, but he really tried his best to find ways round this.  If you wish to petition your companies to reconsider please feel free.

As Dr Fry works in an Integrative way, he may recommend specific metabolically focused testing.  Currently the only insurance company that may sometimes look favourably on this is WPA.  You may therefore need to self-fund so please be aware of this and prepared.