What kind of treatment will I receive?

This depends on the results from a comprehensive assessment.  Dr Fry has experience and training in traditional Medical, Psychodynamic and Family Systemic spheres and brings his wide experience to bear in assessment.

Children's Psychiatrist

The results may indicate that further psychological treatments are indicated.  These might encompass CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), psychodynamic or interpersonal therapy, solution-focussed therapy, hypnosis, or other specific psychological treatments.  Alternatively, or in addition, it may become apparent that some family work would assist, in which case systemic family therapy or less formal family counselling may be offered.  Sometimes environmental manipulation is as important as any other treatment – for example we may need to liaise with a school to provide input in that setting too.  All these treatments may be offered directly by Dr Fry or in collaboration with his Associates.

It may be that as part of the treatment approach medication would have a role to play.  It should be stressed that in the field of family and child psychiatry such approaches are less common than in adult patients and not usually offered as a first line, but sometimes they do have a place.  Because Dr Fry is a psychiatrist this means he is a fully trained medical practitioner (and has indeed also worked in the past in General Practice) and is therefore well placed to provide an integrated view on how the various components of a treatment plan may fit together.  

In addition Dr Fry now practices Integrative Psychiatry, one of the first practitioners to do so in the UK.  In this approach ideas from Naturopathic practice and dietary aspects are the focus of treatments, looking at metabolism and taking a holistic view of problems presented.  He may do this in collaboration with his Naturopathic and Nutritional colleagues.  However any such treatment plans are just a starting point for discussion with you as a patient or as parents, and it will only be through discussion and informed agreement that a final treatment approach is agreed.

As an adult patient you too can benefit from this holistic approach to assessment and treatment.  There are not many adult psychiatrists who offer this breadth of knowledge and all these modalities.  The overall emphasis in our approach to you is one based on humanity and understanding of difficulties rather than rigid or stereotypical medical approaches.

Regular review and follow-up are central to how we work – Dr Fry does not believe in simply assessing and ‘passing on’ to colleagues. Rather we offer an integrated responsive approach and pride ourselves on our coherent approach to treatment.

We will work closely with your GP or referrer to ensure joined-up thinking and services.


Reproduced by kind permission of
Private Eye magazine/Ed McHenry