Child Services

Examples of the kinds of problems seen in younger age groups:

  • Poor achievement at school
  • Emotional disturbance – anxiety, phobias, obsessional-type symptoms
  • Marked Anxiety in relation to separation (may be PANS/PANDAS isssue)
  • Depression or low mood, including deliberate self-harm (cutting, etc)
  • Eating difficulties
  • Possible Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) and related issues
  • Behaviour problems
  • Developmental concerns including Autism Spectrum or Asperger’s-type problems – see Social Communication page.
  • Dyspraxia/dyslexia leading to difficulties with school achievement and behavioural problems

Child Psychiatrist Winchester

Family Services

  • Relationship difficulties in families, either intact or post divorce or separation
  • Emotional concerns for any family member still living in or having contact with their family of origin
  • Family perspectives and consideration of the impact of context in any psychiatric or psychological problem or presentation.

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Adult Services

We can offer a unique perspective for adults with mental health difficulties which strives to place such presentations in the context of people’s lives and current living circumstances. This is broadly termed the systemic approach and in recent years has expanded to focus on metabolic and physical contributions. In addition, Dr Fry works from various bases where there are several adult psychiatrists also practising with particular skills and specialist interests, and can arrange onward referral where this seems most appropriate.

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Corporate Services

Public sector

Dr Fry and Associates consult to Health, Education and Local Authorities on a wide variety of issues including child care, organisational, and service building issues.

Private & Industrial Sector

Dr Fry and Associates offer consultation to organisations in a variety of circumstances:

  • Organisations that feel stuck and unable to move forward
  • Organisations that are having trouble finding a way to deliver
  • Organisations and companies wishing to review their internal communications and how these are affecting contact with the outside world

A variety of approaches may be adopted including:

  • Solution-focussed
  • Group dynamic
  • Coaching
  • Systemic